The G-Spot

The G-spot – sometimes referred to as G-zone, G-area, urethral sponge, periurethral sponge, or female prostate – is composed of erectile tissue, glands, and ducts, which surround the front part of the urethral canal, extending from the urethral opening back along the urethra about 2-5cm. Though its existence has been the subject of much controversy, it's very clear to us that the G-spot is real!

The G-spot and pleasure

Like other forms of sexual touch – for example, a lick of the clit or pinch of the nipple – G-spot stimulation produces a widely varying range of sensations and responses.

Some people experience pleasure, ranging from calm delight to intense arousal to “mind-blowing” orgasms. Some even report transcendental or deeply spiritual experiences.

Others are just not that into G-spot stimulation, or find it downright uncomfortable and unpleasant. If you don't like, or are indifferent to, G-spot stimulation, your body isn't broken.

Despite its mythic status, it's just one of many possible pleasure points.

Stimulation Tips

To find the G-Spot, try inserting one or two lubricated fingers into the vagina and curving them slightly in the direction of the bellybutton. If you imagine a clock with the clitoris at 12 o'clock, the G-spot covers the area between about 11 and 1 o'clock. The skin covering the G-spot can feel somewhat rough, with a ridged and bumpy texture (though this varies from vagina to vagina.)

Because of the urethra's proximity to the vagina, people generally find that the G-spot is most effectively stimulated through the front vaginal wall or vaginal ceiling (towards the bellybutton), with fingers, a sex toy, or a penis/strap-on. Because of its position, it's sometimes easier for another person to stimulate your G-spot, or to use a toy designed for this use.

The G-Spot is usually easier to stimulate when the body is aroused, and blood is freely flowing to the pelvic region. So try getting turned on before you explore your G-Spot. To help increase sensitivity to the G-Spot, try gently massaging the urethral and vaginal openings with extra-lubricated fingers or a sex toy.

Toy Tips

Curved toys are generally preferred when it comes to G-spot play, because their angle makes stimulating the front vaginal wall easier. Some examples are the Rave by We-Vibe or the Fun Factory Ocean.

Firm and/or heavy toys can help to apply pressure. Check out the Glass Honey Dripper, D.2 Stone Dildo, or the Njoy Pure Wand.

Some people prefer using a more flexible dildo with a pronounced ridge at the head. For instance: Alex, The Boss Dildo, or Woody … just to name a few!

Toys with ribbing along the shaft tend to be good for those who enjoy G-spot stimulation with a back-and-forth or thrusting movement. Fun Factory's Tiger Vibe and Stronic G are two of our most popular.

G-spot Ejaculation

Stimulating the G-spot can cause the body to ejaculate a clear, odourless or near-odourless fluid, chemically similar to male prostatic fluid. This fluid is released from the urethral sponge's glands and ducts, and exits the body primarily through the urethral opening (the same hole where urine passes). This fluid is not urine, it just uses the same corridor! G-spot ejaculation can occur at the time of, before, or without orgasm.

If you're curious about the G-spot, we've got lots of great books, DVDs, and sex toys to get you started and keep you going! Our staff is also happy to answer your G-spot queries and offer advice.

Reading & Viewing Tips

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, by Deborah Sundahl
The Good Girl's Guide to the G-Spot, by Violet Blue
The Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm, by Mikaya Heart
I *heart* Female Orgasm, by Dorion Solot and Marshall Miller

Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation, Pleasure Ed Series, DVD