05.03.24 // Basics of needle play – piercing senses

05.03.24 // Basics of needle play – Piercing senses

In Store Workshop

Piercing play, its endorphins and risk assessment. Let ́s learn safely together the basics of recreational non-permanent needle play.

February 06, 2024 — Other Nature
02.04.24 // Einführung in Japanese Rope Bondage

02.04.24 // Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage


This hands-on workshop is dedicated to getting you doing Japanese bondage (shibari), whether you're an absolute beginner or already have some experience. With a friendly, non-hierarchical approach, we will try to adapt the scope and depth of topics covered to meet the needs and speed of the group, within the limits of the online format. No matter what, you'll learn some basic knots and techniques so that you can tie independently well after the workshop is over. You get to be creative and have fun; we'll look after the technicalities, material, safety and some structural considerations.

February 05, 2024 — Other Nature
09.04.23 // Dirty Talk

09.04.23 // Dirty Talk


This workshop is designed for folks looking to smutify their sex talk, whether you just need some ideas to get you going or you want to get past emotional blocks such as shyness or discomfort.

February 04, 2024 — Other Nature
16.04.23 // Best Blow Job Skills

16.04.23 // Best Blow Job Skills


If there were more pleasure to give and receive during blow jobs, would you want it? If that's a yes, join us for this online workshop! Get answers to common BJ questions like how to prevent sore jaws, to swallow-or-not-to-swallow, and deep throating: what's the deal with that!?

February 03, 2024 — Other Nature