Other Nature is a queer-feminist, sex-positive, eco-friendly & vegan sex shop. We prioritise sex education and community responsibility above profit-making!
In our online shop and in-store in Berlin, you’ll find body-safe sex toys, rad books and zines, alternative menstrual products, natural lube, gender expression wear, locally-made kink gear, and lots of other sexy stuff. We believe that everyone deserves access to awesome sex ed & high-quality products.

Whoever you are - Other Nature is for you!



We strive to provide products, host workshops, and foster an atmosphere that gives us all some breathing room from the sexist stereotypes, gender binarism, and racial erasure and fetishization often found in mainstream sex shops.

Because we recognize that sexuality is impacted by all kinds of discrimination and prejudice (including sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, whorephobia and fatphobia), we’re committed to anti-oppressive practices and an intersectional perspective.

In a world in which we’re too often punished for being who we are, Other Nature supports and celebrates everyone's right to bodily autonomy, self-expression, and sexual agency. We’re doing our bit to build a world of sexual empowerment, liberation and justice for all.


There's nothing wrong with sex, and there's no right way to want it, have it, or feel about it. Yet negative and contradictory messages about sex can make us feel ashamed: for wanting lots of sex or not wanting any; for being kinky or being vanilla; for who we desire or what we enjoy; or for not knowing what we want.

At Other Nature, sex-positivity means respecting and rejoicing in everyone’s right to make their own, informed choices, and to feel great about their sexuality and sexual practices.

We recognise that sex is by no means always positive. For those who’ve had negative sexual experiences or have survived sexualised violence, we’re also a supportive place in which to navigate difficult feelings about sex.

We're passionate about destigmatizing conversations about sex, and we're equally committed to confidentiality. Rest assured, you can depend on our discretion.


Did you know that sex toys are often made using toxic and porous materials which are potentially hazardous to your health? Hot? NOT.

At Other Nature, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality products made using body-safe materials. We strive to work with companies that share our commitment to making the world more sustainably sexy. From dildos to menstrual care, we give you options that are the kindest to the environment. Whenever possible, we prioritise local and small manufacturers.

All the products at Other Nature are vegan, including strap-ons, kink gear, safer sex supplies, and lube. We’re proud to provide a variety of animal-friendly goodies for anyone (vegan or not!) who wants to shop with care.

The story so far...

Other Nature was launched in 2011, ten years later co-founder Sara Rodenhizer left the shop in the capable hands of her team, who transformed it into a collectively-run workers’ cooperative, unlocking the next level of queer-feminist sex shop potential!