Gender Expression Gear Support


Gender-Ex Program

High quality, ethically made gender expression gear tends to be expensive and difficult for many of the people who need them to afford. 

Gender is also increasingly difficult to navigate when you’re also dealing with displacement, racism, ablism, and struggling to meet essential needs.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you and some trusted sponsors to help make these products more available to trans* and gender non-conforming people who are new migrants, low income, disabled, and/or BIPoC.

How Do I Support?!

You have the possibility to contribute 5 -> 50 Euro support. You can also support multiple times if you want to give more!

In return, we've teamed up with one of our absolute favorite glide brands, Hathor/Sutil, to give you a bottle of their newly relaunched Hathor Pure with every donation.

You will receive for your support of....
5 € - 20 € a 10 ml bottle worth 3 €
20 € - 40 € a 60 ml bottle worth 11,90 €
40 € - 60 € one 120 ml bottle worth 18 €
>60 € each one 120 ml + 60 ml bottle worth 29,90 €

***Please note: Your free Hathor lube can be shipped with an order or picked up in-store ***

How Do I Request a Product?!

Simply fill out this form for your product request and we’ll get in touch with you. We process and reply to requests once a week. The availability of products depends on our stock and funds. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we get this initiative off the ground!

If you’re unsure of sizing, indicate a range— you’re welcome to check out and try on different products at our shop to make sure you get the right fit!
You’ll notice that you can choose between options of paying a small amount for your product or receiving it for free. We hope that this allows people in our communities to make use of the offer based on their needs. All money will remain in this program!

*** Please note that we're only processing requests from within Germany at present. ***