Onda Robotic Massager by Lora DiCarlo

€159,90 €204,90

Onda uses micro-robotics to mimic the sensations of fingers stroking the G-spot, with the added boost of rumbling sensations. Onda is uniquely shaped to follow the body’s curves and help you explore your pleasure.

Onda's G-spot Massager replicates the “come-hither” motion of a finger, specifically targeting the front vaginal wall (or “vaginal ceiling”). Custom settings allow you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot. Choose from 4 different stroking patterns, including longer and shorter strokes.

While vibration against the G-spot isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, some people really dig it - especially a deep, rumbling vibration. This is why the Onda also offers rumbling vibrations if and when you want ‘em!

Whether you’re already familiar with your G-spot or not, the Onda can be a great way of figuring out what you like best and then going to town!! Keep in mind that people’s G-spots vary widely in terms of the types of stimulation they prefer... so be patient, curious, and - most importantly - have fun with it!

Note also that stroking the G-spot can feel way nicer when the body is already aroused. Check out our G-spot info page for more tips.

What makes Onda’s technology and design innovative?

Onda was designed using biomimicry, taking the human motions of the finger and translating these into microrobotic motions that were correlated to subjective measurements of pressure and frequency. These physical measurements were then optimized in software and programmed into these mechanical devices (yup, robotics!). The come-hither motion in Onda’s G-spot Massager uses a custom motor and gearbox to provide a motion that offers a full length stroke (which can also be customized for a localized focus to the upper, middle or lower regions of the shaft) in a narrow area for optimal internal stimulation. In addition to the stroking feature, Onda offers a vibration boost for a dynamic stimulation experience.

Waterproof and rechargeable