When it comes to vibrators, the wide range to choose from can be overwhelming. But this variety can also inspire curiosity and creativity: with so many styles, shapes, speeds, colours, textures, and sizes, there’s way more chance of finding the vibe you’ve been waiting for all your life…..

or at least a damn good one-night stand!

Good Vibrations

Vibrators provide an intensity of stimulation that isn't usually possible manually. Some people are wary of these toys: they might see them as artificial, “cheating”, or potentially addictive. Though there's no need to try anything that doesn't appeal to you, vibrators provide a lot of people with a ton of pleasure and, at Other Nature, we can't see any harm in that! We can also assure you that we've never met anyone with a vibration-addiction.

Experimenting with vibrators can help us become more aware of our bodies and desires. And knowing what we like and don’t like can ultimately make playing more pleasurable – whether alone or with our partner(s).

Some toys can come in handy for people with physical issues, such as slow/short fingers or limited mobility, which make certain types of activity more difficult. Vibration can also have a relaxing effect on tense muscles, helping to let go of stress and enhance pleasurable sensations.  

Vibrator Basics

Vibrators are either battery-operated, rechargeable, or electric. As with all sex-toy choices, there are pros and cons to each kind and what you choose will depend on what is important to you.

Battery–operated toys are usually more affordable than their rechargeable counterparts, but generally have less sophisticated motors.

Rechargeables are the more environmentally friendly choice, but you have to remember to keep them charged (and waiting for your toy to charge might kill your buzz!) 

Electric vibrators undoubtably produce the strongest vibrations, but they tend to be bulkier and need to be plugged in, which might limit when and where you can play with them.

Some vibrators have long, insertable shafts, which can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration, and sometimes for both. Although this shape lends itself well to penetration, these vibrators can also be used externally (on the clit, labia, penis, testicles, perineum, etc.), with the added length often making for an excellent handle or grip.

Vibrators also come in non-dildo-like shapes, that sometimes resemble stones, paper weights, or other amorphous objects. Check out the Mimi, Better Than ChocolateWe-Vibe Touch or Laya for some examples of what is generally called a “lay-on vibrator”.

Depending on the shape and suitability, vibrators can be used to stimulate the clitoris, vulva, anus, nipples, balls, internal body, external body... anywhere that feels good!

Vibrator Tips:

  • Vibrators don't all feel the same. Some vibrate with a low frequency rumble (e.g. Fifi by Jejoue), and others with a high frequency buzzing (e.g. Getaway Plus by Nomi Tang). Some have very low settings with gentle vibrations (e.g. Lipstick Vibe ), and others have strong vibration intensities (e.g. Wish by We-Vibe). If you're in a shop where you can test out different vibrators, try touching the vibe to the tip of your nose to get a better sense of how it might feel on your more sensitive bits.

  • Be careful not to drop your vibrator on the floor. The impact might crack or break any plastic parts, and can also cause the motor to rattle or otherwise malfunction.

  • If your vibrator has a cord, don't tug or pull on it as this can easily break your toy.

  • When you're not using your vibe, take the batteries out. Batteries left in might leak battery acid or drain the batteries' energy. Storing batteries outside your vibe will also prevent the toy from turning on accidentally.

  • Some rechargeable vibrators come with a locking function (e.g. Amorino by Fun Factory). This is an especially nice feature when travelling, because it prevents your toy from turning on accidentally.

  • Experimenting with vibration on different parts of the body can lead to interesting and pleasurable discoveries!  The perineum, for example, has lots of nerve endings that often respond happily to vibration and/or pressure. The rim of the anal and vaginal openings are also quite sensitive and might appreciate some good vibes …

To lube or not to lube?

Lots of people ask us if it's necessary to use lubricant with a vibrator. While there is no “right” or “wrong” answer (well, for the most part!), adding lubricant when playing with sex toys can dramatically reduce friction. Less friction can also mean less irritation, fewer micro-tears in mucus membranes, and a smoother, more pleasurable ride. Of course, some people want more friction, which can feel great too. When using sex toys anally, using lubricant is absolutely essential for safer play. For more info, read our lube section.

Love your Bum

Anal stimulation with sex toys can be extremely pleasurable. It can also have significant health benefits, as it can relax the body and increase blood flow to the area. But not all toys are safe to use anally. If you're curious about using toys (or other objects) anally, read our butt play info.

If you need some help deciding which vibrator is right for you, we're happy to help you navigate the vast vibrational landscape and to answer any questions you might have. If you can't make it to Other Nature, you can also check out our online tips on choosing your toy and email us with your questions.