Zel by Porzelina


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Production - Porzelina products are created in two traditional porcelain manufactories in Germany. At the various stations, each individual product is created entirely by hand. Through each of these manual steps, the product becomes unique. Each individual piece is therefore also in itself a documentation of its manufacturing history, and if you look carefully, you can discover these sympathetic traces. Hollow porcelain is particularly light and due to the subsequent glazing of the surface Porzelinas Toys remind of glass from the feeling.

Purpose - The size brings a feeling of "being filled". The shaft smoothly transitions into the slightly wider head and the curvature changes direction here. This makes the dildo optimal for stimulation of the cervix. As an all-rounder, Zel quickly finds every erogenous zone. The shaft is long, smooth and unexcited by the approximately round cross-section. It's worth trying out the temperature play. Your desired temperature can be easily adjusted by hot or cold water, in the refrigerator, on the heater, in the sun, on the hot water bottle or the grain pillow

Handle - The product can be passed between the fingers - So that the hand does not get tired even during prolonged play and provides grip with lubricants. Other grip styles are also possible.

Dimensions - With over 20 cm and a circumference of 39 mm, Zel is the largest product in the set of Porzelina. The length allows it to reach the deeper erogenous zones in particular. With the dimensions, the dildo is a rather voluminous companion and together with the slippery surface, incredible sensations can be achieved. For all who more!

Total length: approx. 211 mm

Insertable length: approx. 147mm

Narrowest point (insertable): Approx. 33mm

Widest point (insertable): approx. 39mm