Zeep by Cute Little Fuckers


Who’s that peeping out from a lush green leaf? It’s Zeep, whose adorable face says “play with me!”.

Zeep is a lay-on vibe you can use anywhere on the body. The smooth, wide back of the leaf provides plenty of surface area for diffuse vibrations, while its tip can be used to stimulate with pinpoint precision.

There’s also plenty of texture to explore with Zeep’s ridged tummy, antennae, and cute buggy eyes.

Slim enough to nestle neatly between two bodies, Zeep is a great choice for couples looking to share some vibrations.

Equipped with Cute Little Fuckers’ standard 5-speed, 5-mode bullet vibe, Zeep is a little friend with big impact.

Cute Little Fuckers are queer, trans and disabled owned. Check out their free sex ed webcomics at cutelittlefuckers.com/blogs/webcomic.