Yuuki Cup


Because all bodies are different, it makes sense that menstrual cups aren’t all the same either, and that one cup won’t work for every body. That’s why we’ve added another menstrual cup to our assortment!

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Yuuki cup has a very smooth surface that allows it to glide easily into the body. And since we all have textural preferences, it comes in a softer and harder version.

The Soft Rainbow Yuuki is made of a more supple silicone, which is sometimes preferred by folks who have never tried a menstrual cup before, since softer cups can be more comfortable to insert and remove. Plus, the rainbow design of this cup is Absolutely Fabulous by any standards.

The Classic Yuuki is made of a firmer silicone, which can be great for sportier people or folks with relatively strong pelvic floor muscles. If you haven’t had great luck with softer cups that don’t always pop open quite as easily when inside the body, or if you struggle with perpetual leakage, a firmer cup could be the answer!

Available in small and large. While many people can comfortably wear both sizes, general menstrual cup guidelines recommend the larger cup if you’ve given birth or are over the age of 30-35.

Each Yuuki cup comes with a practical cleaning and storage box.

Size info:

Yuuki Cup small: 4,9 cm (6,7 cm with handle) - Ø 4,1 cm - 24 ml

Yuuki Cup large: 5.6 cm (7.4 cm with handle) - Ø 4.6 cm - 37 ml