Voy Stroker by Arcwave

By Arcwave

High quality premium masturbator Voy by Arcwave with Tightness Adjustment System for personal adjustment of pressure intensity. Interior made from soft Clean Tech Silicone, which embeds the penis flexibly. In 8 steps, you can vary how tightly the penis is enclosed with simple rotary movements and choose your prefered level of pressure. This elevates your handjobs to a whole new intensity of pleasure!

With its ergonomic format, the Voy lies very well in the hand and always offers the perfect grip. The masturbator is open at the back - perfect also for a longer penis - and to facilitate cleaning. With its two protective caps, the masturbator is not only stored dust-proof, it also looks very inconspicuous and discreet - at home or on the road. In addition, the protective caps are equipped with ventilation channels so that the Voy can dry properly and quickly and thus remains in good condition.

Masturbator with Tightness Adjustment System:

  • Easy rotary adjustment with 8 variable pressure intensities
  • Inner part made of soft silicone
  • Handy and easy to grip
  • Discreet appearance with 2 protective caps
  • Easy cleaning due to open ended design