Unique non-latex Condoms

By Unique

Great for folks with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Also often preferred over latex condoms because they conduct heat between partners more effectively, letting you feel the warmth of your partner's body through the barrier.

Stronger and thinner than standard latex condoms.

Compatible with all lubricants, including oil-based varieties.

Because the material is less stretchy than latex, Unique condoms are made bigger than standard condoms. But they work equally well on any size penis, as Unique actually seals to the body.  Just make sure to put these condoms on dry dicks or dongs.

Unique comes with easy to use applicator tabs (also called a "Pull System") that help put the condom on quickly and easily. The pull strips are rolled up with the condom and will detach themselves automatically once the condom is fully on. 

And they come in convenient credit card packages, so they fit into your wallet easily and without damage.

Nominal width: 60mm