Trainer Single Toyfriend by Tickler

By Tickler

The Trainer Toyfriends are designed for doing Kegel-exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, thereby enhancing both your physical and sexual well-being. 

The Single Toyfriend is incredibly smooth and seamless, making it easy to insert and remove, and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Made of 100% solid silicone, the Single Toyfriend is body-safe and hygienic.

The length of the string is designed for easy removal without creating discomfort by having a bundle of string bunching up in your underwear.

Unlike some other Kegel balls, the Trainer Toyfriends don't encase any moving objects, as some people find this feature noisy or annoying. In addition, the training effects of this feature has yet to be convincingly proven.

To use, simply insert the Toyfriend Trainer as far as it will comfortably go, and your work-out has started. You can leave it inside while you walk, work, work-out or ponder the meaning of life (as one does!).

The muscles that need exercising will automatically start working once the Trainer is inserted.

For more exercise tips, check out our Pelvic Floor info page.


MATERIAL 100% silicone

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warm water & soap



LÄNGE 5 cm (ball) / 5 cm (band)