Thigh Sling by Sportsheets


This easy-to-use sling made from PU leather allows you to stay in just the right position to optimize G- and P-spot access. The soft neck and leg rests provide comfortable cushions as you recline, while the tethers use your own body weight to keep those thighs high and spread open.

Neither you, nor your partner will have to hold those legs up with your hands anymore, leaving them free to roam to other body parts.

Wrap the comfortable leg rests around your thighs, or put your feet in them like stirrups for a more satisfying experience during penetration, or to experiment with different positions.
Great to keep certain body parts exposed during kinky play as well - and you can even attach your favorite cuffs or ropes to the D-rings of the neck rest!

The straps adjust for a variety of options, and the cushioned neck rest ensures extra comfort and a better view than ever before.