The Ussy


The newest sensation in penis masturbation! The Ussy is some seriously homegrown happiness…
Made in Berlin from 100% high quality silicone, the Ussy is a masturbation sleeve that was designed and developed with pleasure and sustainability in mind. The Ussy’s elegant shape is seductive from every angle both to see and feel, and its curvy silhouette makes it easy to grip too.
The spreadable opening allows you to glide your penis into the sleeve, while the smooth tunnel provides a soft and comfortable arrival. The tunnel is lined with small nodes that effectively keep the moisture inside, while providing subtle texture to your movements.
Free from the hard casings of other masturbators, the Ussy can be easily squeezed in order to control the amount of desired pressure. There is a small breathing hole on the closed end of the Ussy’s tunnel, which can be covered with a finger to create delightful suction.
The Ussy is completely body-safe, won’t get sticky, and is super easy to clean.
Top tip: The Ussy comes highly recommended for folks with calloused hands. Rock climbers, builders, guitarists… this could very well be a game changer!
The Ussy is fairly new to the sex toy market, but is already getting rave reviews… check out what sex toy reviewer Mr Racy has to say about this Berlin gem.
Custom colours are available upon request. Just send us an email at office[at]
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