Starlet 3 Air Pressure Stimulator by Womanizer


Starlet’s Pleasure Air Technology delivers touchless stimulation, as the mouth of the toy lays over – rather than directly on - the clitoris. Use light pressure to maintain a tight seal.

The subtle changes in air pressure gently massage the clitoris, rapidly increasing blood flow to the area, creating sensations ranging from a relatively gentle caress to a stronger suction-like feeling as you increase the intensity.

Air pressure waves can be great for folks looking for an alternative to vibration.

With 6 different modes to choose from, you can adjust the Starlet’s intensity depending on your mood. Whether you like super soft sensations or more intense stimulation, the Starlet’s single button is easy to control.

The Starlet fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Plus, its travel-friendly size means you can take your favourite sex toy with you whenever you go!

A quick footnote about the name “Womanizer”: No, we don’t like the name either (and have given LOTS of feedback to the company about it - @Womanizer, we’re waiting! – but we also believe that you should be able to take charge of your pleasure in whatever ways you like, and the Womanizer brand toys are both in high demand and exceptionally well-made. If you’re curious about air wave technology, but would rather support a different brand, check out the Irresistable Collection from Shots.