Squid Butt Plug by Something Squishy Toys


8 weird little tentacles and a cute face - what's not to love about this friendly butt-loving critter? It is poured in medium-firm silicone.

Something Squishy Toys is a small one-woman business and ace creator based in Philadelphia, offering a collection of eccentric hand-poured platinum-cure-silicone dildos and squishies. Apart from wanting people to have access to safe toys, SST also adheres to the idea that not all sex toys need to LOOK like sex toys. All SST products are made of 100% silicone ("platinum cure" and certified skin safe) and exclusively colored with ethically sourced pigments.

Please note:
Since these are handmade unique pieces, the color distribution and pattern of each dildo is individual. The photos are
sample images!

Size Small:
Length: 6,6 cm
Insertable Length: 5,2 cm
Diameter Head: 4,6 cm
Diameter Shaft: 2,4 cm
Size Medium:
Length: 7,8 cm
Insertable Length: 6,2 cm
Diameter Head: 5,6 cm
Diameter Shaft: 2,7 cm

(For further measurements, check out the graphic in the images.)