Rhizo Dildo by sp0re Prints


Rhizo is a small shroom growing on two cute strawberries. He is meant to be worn as a packer and gives the wearer a lovely mini bulge. While this model is not intended to be an insertable, there is really nothing stopping you from using it that way!

sp0re Prints started as an experiment in easing dysphoria and anxiety related to having a human body, inspired by the fantasy and desire to have a non-human body, more similar to that of spores growing into protruding fungi while simultaneously existing in a vast network that is often invisible to the naked eye.

All sp0re Prints products are unique and crafted by hand by one human person in their small studio in Philadelphia! Starting as clay sculptures, each mushroom is turned into a mold and cast, one at a time, using platinum cure silicone, body safe colours and either silicone or mica-based pigments.

Please note:
Since these are handmade unique pieces, the color distribution and pattern of each dildo is individual. The photos are
sample images!