Pasante Internal Condom

By Pasante

The Pasante Internal Condom (aka "Female Condom") is made of nitrile, which is latex-free, non-allergic, seamless, and compatible with all types of lubricant, including oil.

A great option for folks with latex allergies or who have difficulty maintaining erections.

To use, simply lubricate the outside of the condom and squeeze the inner ring into a figure 8. Push the inner ring inside the vagina, past the pubic bone.

Some people find it easier to position the condom using a partner’s penis or a dildo in order to push the inner ring deeper inside the vagina. The open end of the condom hangs outside the vagina.

Some benefits of internal condoms are that they can be inserted hours before sexual activity, they can increase sensation for penis-havers, and they can provide some coverage of the vulva for additional protection against STIs.

They can also be used anally, usually by removing the inner ring.

Like other condoms, internal condoms are for one time use only.