Nös vibrating Cock Ring by Fun Factory


The Nös is designed to hug the penis in just the right spots. Worn around the base of a dildo or around a couple of fingers, it also offers a versatile, vibrating extra.

Nös has two vibrating tips that are long enough to stimulate a partner’s sensitive bits during penetration. It has 4 rumbly vibration speeds plus an additional “flirt” setting. The flirt setting is a five-minute loop of lightly varying vibrations so you don’t get bored of a single speed or pattern!

What's more, Nös is not a perfectly round ring - because penises aren't exactly circular either. It has a pleasantly flexible band with two slightly raised points that ensure a stable fit, regardless of whether it is worn above or behind the testicles.

Are cock rings safe to use?

As long as you keep some safety tips in mind, cock rings are generally very safe. Worn on a penis, they work by slowing blood flow out of the genitals, which is perfectly safe for shorter periods. The recommended wearing time is about 20 minutes at a time. As always, the most important thing is to listen to your body: if it hurts, take it off. If you have a blood pressure/bleeding condition, get medical advice before using a cock ring.

Waterproof and rechargeable.

Size: 8 cm (total length), 3,5 cm (inner Diameter)

Weight: 35 g