Next Air Pressure Stimulator by Womanizer


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The new generation of Womanizer air pressure stimulators taking the classic design and renowned technology to the next level!

The Next comes with exciting new functionality - in addition to its 14 intensity levels, you can now choose between three different frequencies for even greater personalization of your experience ("Climax Control"). For a relaxing post-orgasmic finish, the Next switches directly back to the lowest level at the touch of a button ("Afterglow").

Like its predecessor Premium, the Next also has the "Autopilot" function. When this randomiser mode is activated, it automatically switches back and forth between the intensity levels and frequencies so that you can be surprised by a new stimulation every time.

Next is the most silent air pressure stimulator to date and is barely audible without sacrificing power. It comes with two stimulation heads in small and medium sizes that surround the clitoris without touching it directly. This type of contactless stimulation is different from classic vibration in terms of sensation and ranges from gentle to very intense.

The Next has a sensual and ergonomic design, sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is easy to use. It is rechargeable and completely waterproof. And thanks to the "Smart Silence" technology, your Next only switches on when it comes into contact with your body. So you can set it aside without having to turn it off and on again while it waits for you to return to it whenever you're ready!

A quick footnote on the name "Womanizer":
no, we don't like the name either (and we've given the company a LOT of feedback on it... @Womanizer, we're waiting!) - but we also think you should be able to experience your pleasure any way you want, and the Womanizer brand of toys are both highly sought after and exceptionally well made. If you're curious about airwave technology but would rather support another brand, check out the Irresistable Kissable as an alternative.

What's included in the package?

- Womanizer Next with stimulation head
- Extra stimulation head in a smaller size
- USB charging cable with magnetic connection
- Instruction manual
- Cotton bag for storage

Technical details:

- Material: ABS/PU/Silicone
- Stimulation head material: hypoallergenic medical silicone
- High-quality plastic-free packaging
- Size: 193 x 112 x 68 mm
- Weight: 415 g