Liberty 2 Air Pressure Stimulator by Womanizer


All-time favorite Liberty has received an update! It now sports 4 fancy new colors and comes with 8 intensity levels.

The Liberty’s Pleasure Air Technology is designed to send gentle massaging air waves to the clitoral nerves for a distinctive sensation that’s significantly different to conventional vibration.

With its range of intensity levels, you can control your desired amount of stimulation. And if you find that your body is generally numbed out by vibration, this might be a great sex toy option for you.

Lots of people who experience difficulty with orgasm have also reported positively about this type of stimulation.

Use it on the clit, nipples, or anywhere that feels good, the Liberty delivers a particularly good suction-like pressure, making it one of the most popular toys of its kind.

For lovers of pleasure AND practicality, there’s no need to leave this little ditty at home as it comes with a cover that guarantees hygienic transportation.

Waterproof and rechargeable.

A quick footnote about the name “Womanizer”: No, we don’t like the name either (and have given LOTS of feedback to the company about it… @Womanizer, we’re waiting! – but we also believe that you should be able to take charge of your pleasure in whatever ways you like, and the Womanizer brand toys are both in high demand and exceptionally well-made. If you’re curious about air wave technology, but would rather support a different brand, check out the Irresistable Kissable.