Kushi by Iroha

By Iroha

Kushi features multiple ribs and more defined edges than the other Iroha+ designs, allowing for especially dynamic external stimulation. It also looks like a hedgehog!

Covered with an extremely soft silicone that presses gently against the body, this vibe nevertheless boasts a strong motor with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns.

Rechargeable and waterproof.

Never before was a vibrator so cute and cuddly…

Cuddly, you ask?  Yes, that’s right… whether you’re “cuddling” your new vibe between your legs or just in your hands… you won’t want to put it down… like, EVER.

Iroha’s unique Soft Touch silicone vibes: Yoru, Tori, and Kushi,  have a powerful motor in a fully waterproof design. Tease, squeeze and play with these Iroha vibes to experience an array of newfound intimacies (or just cuddle them…we hear they really like that.)

Iroha vibes are easy to clean and even have an anti-dust coating, which protects them from picking up dust and lint.  Plus, if you do manage to stop touching these cuddly little friends, you can easily charge them by simply placing them in their storage case which doubles as a charger.