Carrot Flogger by Polycat Haus


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Easter might be over, but that doesn’t mean bunnies don’t get to play! And these carrot floggers by queer creative group “Polycat Haus” in Athens are a deliciously playful combination of carrot and stick.

Designed and printed at their home workshop, these floggers are 3D printed using Polylactic Acid (PLA), a bio-degradable and compostable thermoplastic material derived from renewable resources such as corn starch. The textile part is a mix of acrylic and polyester rope. Polycat Haus also creates the adorable cat self-defence keyring toys, which we have in store (coming soon to the online shop).

Wondering if something so cute can still deliver? The tails’ knotted ends create a delightfully intensive sting, and its shorter tails give you more control.

Looking for the perfect bunny tail buttplug to complete the look? Then consider the bunny sparkle plug by Crystal Delights!

Measurements coming soon.


MATERIAL PLA, Acryl- und Polyesterseilen

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG Griff mit feuchtem Tuch und etwas Seife abreiben



LÄNGE Griff: 17cm, Schwanz: 35cm