Jix by Cute Little Fuckers


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Jix is a 2-headed creature from a planet of love and laughter, here to bring you pleasure that’s out of this world. This versatile toy can be inserted vaginally, anally, or both simultaneously!

If you’re using the gently tapered longer part (that’s Jim) internally, the shorter part (Jin to her friends) can give extra stimulation to your clit, balls, or perineum. Alternatively, it works as an ergonomic handle for you or your partner to hold.

Like all the toys from Cute Little Fuckers, Jix boasts powerful vibrations from a deceptively small bullet vibe. There are 5 speeds and 5 modes to choose from, and the vibrator can be removed if you want to sterilize the silicone part of your toy.

Cute Little Fuckers are queer, trans and disabled owned. Check out their free sex ed webcomics at cutelittlefuckers.com/blogs/webcomic.