Glitter Glue (Aloe Vera Gel) by Projekt Glitter


Achieve long-lasting glitter looks while staying true to your eco-conscious values with the plant-based eco glitter glue from Berlin-based Projekt Glitter.

Formulated with pure aloe vera gel, this glitter glue will keep your favourite glitter in place all night long while nourishing your skin. The glue dries clear and fast, ensuring that your glitter is fixed in place in no time.

The glue is packaged in a convenient aluminium tin, so all components are 100% recyclable. Even the label is PVC-free.

How to use:

Dip your favourite eye brush into the smooth aloe and simply apply a small amount of the glitter glue to the desired area of skin. Spread with the brush until there is only a thin layer. Wait a few seconds for it to begin to dry and then apply glitter with a brush or finger. A small amount is enough.