GLATTT waterbased lube and moisturizer by UC Berlin


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GLATTT intimate gel, from Urban Cosmetics Berlin, not only glides reliably, but also cares for the most intimate and sensitive areas of skin, making it an excellent lubricant during play, as well a genital skin-care product-- great to moisturize and soothe after cleansing and shaving.

This gel is transparent, tasteless, and odorless. The extra-mild, water-based formula is free of glycerin, silicones and alcohol. In fact, it only has four other ingredients: Hyaluron, provitamin B5, food-grade xanthan gum, and natural silver without nanoparticles.

For moisture retention, UC Berlin uses high-molecular hyaluron, which covers the skin areas like a protective film and enables the skin cells to absorb more moisture. Dexpanthenol (provitamin B5) and silver can soothe the skin without disturbing its balance.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly for sensitive skin.

Tip: If the intimate gel is absorbed, simply apply a little water to re-activate the gliding effect.