Gia by Porzelina


Gia is especially ergonomically shaped and explores your inner erogenous zones together with you. With its approximately 15.5 cm, the dildo has a delightful target: your G-zone.

Manufacturing - Porzelina products are made in two traditional porcelain manufactories in Germany. At the various stations, each individual product is created entirely by hand. Through each of these manual steps, the product becomes unique. Each individual piece is therefore also in itself a documentation of its manufacturing history, and if you look carefully, you can discover these sympathetic traces. Hollow porcelain is particularly light and by the subsequent glaze of the surface Porzelinas Toys remind of glass from the feeling.

Purpose - Especially the G-zone is in focus here! The shaft is curved, smooth and offers a lot of contact surface due to the wider head, which is also advantageous for Sqirting.

Grip - The toy can be held between ring and middle finger or between middle and index finger. This grip option is independent of the length and width of the fingers, and the contrasting shape provides grip in slipperier or faster situations, even despite the glazed surface. Other grip types are also possible. Just as it is most comfortable for you.


Total length: approx. 155mm

Insertable length: approx. 110mm

Narrowest point (insertable): approx. 25mm

Widest point (insertable): approx. 33mm