Geo Aqua Masturbator Sleeve by Tenga

By Tenga

Stunning dimensional details. Standout Geometric Sensations.

The intricate details of the Geo’s design are inspired by mathematics and nature, which is actually way sexier than it sounds! While the geometric shapes of this masturbator sleeve are undoubtedly stunning to admire, this texture also provides densely-packed structure to give you maximum stimulation.

To use, simply flip the Geo inside-out so that the shapes are on the inside, lube up the textured side of the toy with your favourite water- or silicone-based lubricant, and then stretch the Geo over an eager penis and move it up, down, and around. The Geo is a great addition to solo or partner play!

Made of Tenga’s custom engineered TPE, the Geo is incredibly soft and squishy, which feels oh-so-sensational!

While TPE is slightly porous, the Geo is nevertheless way easier to clean than most masturbator sleeves, thanks to its fully invertible design. After use, turn the Geo back to its original shape and wash thoroughly under running water. Remove excess water with a soft cloth, and place it on its stand to air-dry.

Body-safe, phthalate- and latex-free. Not compatible with oil-based lubricants. Includes a stand for hygienic drying and storage.