G-Spot Bullet by JeJoue

By JeJoue

Curved to access the G-spot, this bullet can be used either for external or internal-vaginal stimulation.

As an external vibe, the curved shape allows the toy to be comfortably positioned against the clit, along the labia, on the perineum, around the vaginal or anal entrance, or anywhere against the body that loves this bullet’s deep vibrations.

As an internal toy, insert the rounded head inside the vagina, pointing the curved tip towards the vaginal ceiling (in the same direction as your belly button.)

Experiment with different motions, back and forth, twisting side to side, in order to discover different sensations.

The G-Spot Bullet has a smooth silicone surface that feels warm and comfortable against the body, and glides easily inside the body with minimal friction (a bit of lube can still feel really good, though!)

The G-Spot Bullet has 5 vibration levels and 7 different pulsing patterns, ranging from a gentle purr to a deep rumble. This bullet houses a low frequency motor, which delivers JeJoue’s signature oh-so-low rumbling vibrations.

Its 3-button interface makes this bullet easy to use with no awkward fiddling when you want to change vibration speeds or patterns.

To start the toy, hold + for 2 seconds to turn on. To increase vibration, click +. To change from a constant vibration to a pulse vibration, click the ~ (middle button). To decrease vibration click -. To turn your toy off, hold – for 2 seconds.

To charge, simply lift the silicone flap at the end of the toy and insert the micro USB cable. Once inserted, charge your toy for 1 hour, which gives 1.5 hours of play. Make sure you firmly press the silicone cap back into place to keep the toy watertight.

The G-Spot Bullet is quiet, totally seamless, waterproof, and rechargeable.