Fuze Pleasure Plug

By Fuze

MATERIAL 100% Silikon

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warm Wasser & Seife


BREITE siehe unten


Easy to insert, these plugs from Fuze are available in 4 different sizes, ranging from beginner to intermediate to more - and even more -  advanced. 

The Pleasure Plug 1 is ideal if you like a slim plug, the Pleasure Plug 2, if you prefer a slightly wider toy, and the Pleasure Plugs 3 and 4 are perfect if you want to enjoy a real sense of fullness.

Tapered at the tip, these plugs have don’t have any sharp lips or edges, ensuring the smoothest possible insertion and removal.

The necks of the plugs are slim and elongated for extra comfort and security, and all have an elegant curve at the base for an especially ergonomic fit between your butt cheeks.