Handmade soaps by Fluid


Launched in 2020, FLUID is the creation of Aline Bach. Aline has

been making soaps for almost 20 years, and is currently manufacturing

out of a small production facility in the district of Lichtenberg,


FLUID is a queer owned and operated business. All of their soaps are inspired by queer identities and the awareness that gender is fluid! Just like the actual soaps, the identities of Enby or Butch or Neutrois are never only one thing. And no matter if you’re more Fem than Butch, or Queen today and Bear tomorrow, we see you and celebrate you!

All soaps are handmade in Berlin, following the artisanal cold process method.

Soaps are suitable for all skin types, face, body and hair.

Find out more about FLUID and detailed descriptions about all the ingredients of each soap here.

QUEEN: The classic and elegant lavandin scent is highlighted by a note of cypress, rosemary and anise. This soap simply emphasizes the richness of all ingredients. Ingredients: Anise, Lavandin & Olive oil.

ENBY: Its revivifying citrus scent based on both sweet and bitter orange really blurs the line between binaries and its infinitely soft foam goes beyond the usual. Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Bitter & Sweet Orange.

SISTER: Its harmonious, subtly sweet scent inspires confidence and its soft, generous lather evokes care. Ingredients: Patchouli, Elemi & Hemp oil.

BUTCH: The depth of its dominant woody scent is undeniably strengthening. Ingredients: Vetiver, Cedar & Cypress.

FEM: Its floral scent and lightly exfolliating texture will inspire glow and radiance and give your day a splendid start. Ingredients: Palmarosa, Rosemary & Shea Butter.

BEAR: Its texture is creamy and soft, and the scent spicy and warm. Ideal in wintertime. Ingredients: Cinnamon, Cardamom & Cocoa butter.