EXS Air Thin Flared Condoms (56mm, 12 Pack, extra thin)


Enjoy safer sex while feeling like you're not wearing a condom at all. Since their invention 8 years ago, EXS Air Thin have been among the thinnest quality latex condoms in the world.

Smooth, sleek natural latex combined with a classic reservoir, flared tip and non-spermicidal silicone lubricant.

EXS Air Thin Condoms are easy and comfortable to roll on. An anatomical shape snugger at the base and wider near the tip ensures a perfect fit that will not slide off during intercourse. The condom allows for a natural movement, without creating an unpleasant sensation of constriction.

Ideal for all types of sex, EXS Air Thin Condoms are also tasteless and odourless. The product is made from all-natural, superior quality latex and is silicone lubricated for reduced friction and maximum comfort during intercourse. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin. A specially designed flared tip prevents condom breakage.

All EXS condoms are vegan, electronically tested, alcohol-free and made from plain natural rubber latex.

Size: 56mm
Thickness: 0.045mm
Length: 190mm