Europe Magic Wand


This electric vibrator has garnered incredible reviews from fans across the continent. Similar in design to the ever-popular Hitachi Magic Wand, it has a longer cord and is much quieter than most other electric wands.

What also sets this wand apart is its 6 vibration settings. Great for those wanting extra strong vibrations delivered by a toy that makes an extra strong impression.

Does your pleasure also love a good story? Well, this magic wand delivers both. Your grandmother knew it.  Your mother did too.  Hell, even Freud knew it!  Electric vibrators, sold for many years as body massagers, are the queens of all clit vibes. Majestic in stature, and hailed as the most powerful motorized sex toys on the market, these plug-in wands are great for those who like an especially strong vibration as well as for masturbators with attitude (MWAs!).

With its variety of vibration settings, ranging from light and gentle to strong and powerful, now even folks who favour a less intense vibration can take part in sex toy history. Pair this wand with Vixen’s Gee Whiz or Gee Whizzard to create a vibrating dildo that will blow your mind!