Demon Dildo by Ivy

By Ivy

Get your hands on the Demon, and you're in for a hell of a ride!

With a diameter of 3.6 cm (shaft) to 4.2 cm (at the head), this 15 cm long dildo, made with Ivy's medium-firm medical-grade silicone combines amazing texture and eye-popping colour.

The Demon's imaginative form is definitely out of this world. Manufactured by careful hand right here in Germany, Ivy's dildos are hand-fed unique saplatin sa-made pigments that are approved according to FDA and EU standards.

Please note:
Since these are handmade unique pieces, the color distribution and pattern of each dildo is individual. The photos are sample images!


MATERIAL 100% Silikon

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG Warmes Wasser und Seife


BREITE 3,6 cm (am Schaft) bis 4,2 cm (an der Spitze)

LÄNGE 15 cm