Bootie Ring by Fun Factory


Bootie Ring is a cock ring and butt plug in one amazing toy!

Modest in size and impressive in design, the Bootie Ring is a great choice for extra-curious beginners and sex toy enthusiasts alike.

Use it solo or while you play with a partner to explore the kinds of sensations that are possible when stimulating multiple erogenous zones at once.

The Bootie Ring combines the erection-boosting power of a silicone cock ring and awesome anal stimulation with Fun Factory’s most popular butt plug.

The Ring:

Simply pull the stretchy silicone ring over the penis’s shaft, so that it rests snugly at the shaft’s base, behind the balls. You will likely experience heightened arousal and sensitivity, thanks to the pleasing pressure of the ring, which keeps more blood in the penis. This pressure also can keep the penis harder for longer.

The Plug:

The plug’s tapered tip makes it easy to insert, and its curved shape provides light prostate stimulation too! The Bootie plug’s narrow, flexible base fits snugly between your cheeks, letting you move around and change positions comfortably.

Plus, experience a delightful perineum massage from the smooth silicone ridge that connects the plug and the ring.

Available in black only.

Size: 4,3 cm (Ring), 6,3 cm (Länge), Ø 2,8 cm (Plug)

Weight: 65 g