Vulva Bingo by Bing({'})h


Bing({'})h is a playful-artistic anthropology of sexual representation in language & image that aims to question existing taboos & paradoxes in the representation & discourse of sexuality.

Let's Talk About abalones, octopuses, cats and courgettes! What do they have in common? That’s right! They’re all creative expressions for the vulva!

How so? All of the above are nicknames for "vagina", or to be more precise, "vulva". The vagina is only one of many important parts of the female organ. Didn't know that? Neither did Bing({'})h's inventor Mona before she started on her exciting expedition through the wonderful world of vulvas. Today, she hopes to share her explorative adventures with all you marvelous Vulverines out there.

Inspired by the Mexican version of Bingo, LaLotería, Bing({'})h playfully explores vulva variety. We all look different „down there“. While revealing the great variety of yoniversally available vulva nicknames, the charmingly designed game celebrates diversity and cuntributes to promoting a healthy vulva-image. 

Thought bingo was something for your nan? Don’t be fooled! You can be 15 and young and keen, join Dirty Gertie at 30 or enjoy your time for fun at 41. Yes, we're versed at Bingo lingo.

The game set consists of:

54 playing cards, i.e. hand-picked vulva pet name watercolours from all continents, which you can find in our [Gallery] ( and

Tablas, i.e. an individual card for each player. You can marvel at the tabla at [Play] ( You can also find the instructions for the game there. And then you can actually get started with a round of virtual vulva bingo.