Head "LIEBE" for love. not war. Vibrators


LIEBE is unmistakably beautiful, and it combines flawless form with orgasmic function. The upturned tip is ideal for delivering those toe-curling G-spot sensations.

LIEBE’s tip has a soft and malleable end, offering the utmost comfort and pleasure. The flexible silicone head is designed for exploring new positions at your own pace.

Together with the separately available POWER OF LOVE battery base the love. not war. silicone heads will turn into your new favorite vibrator(s).

The love. not war. heads are made from their own new NeoSilicone™ that is safe to use with superior silicone lubricants (lab tested with Überlube silicone lube).

love. not war.'s commitment to sustainability is real. That’s why they designed their entire range to be modular: by making the base separate from the heads, you only need one battery to power the entire range. That means more versatility, and a smaller footprint on the environment – and a lower cost to you.


- Made from body safe NeoSilicone - compatible with Überlube!
- Pair with the love. not war. 'Power Of Love' battery base (4 speeds, 7 patterns, rechargeable, waterproof)
- Made for: G-Spot stimulation and general vulva play
- Feels: Silky smooth and soft with just the right level of rumbliness
- Bonus: The flattened head helps you apply just the right amount of pressure

    The team has taken their decades of experience in the industry, designing award-winning sex toys, to create something they feel proud about: a sustainable sex toy brand that makes the best eco-friendly vibrators. And they did this without compromising on design, quality or function. Love Not War makes you feel great both inside and out, knowing that your pleasure doesn’t cost the earth!