Ami Set by JeJoue

By JeJoue

Ami is a 3-step pelvic floor exercise set and sex toy. All three Amis can be worn during everyday activities to tone the pelvic floor, and can also be used as sex toys, angling their bulbous curves to gently stimulate the G-spot. 

Ami 1 is a large, soft, relatively light single ball with a pull cord. When your muscles can squeeze Ami 1, it´s time to progress to Ami 2, a medium, slightly heavier two-ball set. Finally, when you´re all toned up, Ami 3 is a small, hard, heavy double ball set.

For our tips on Kegel ball exercises and pelvic floor health, check out our info page.


MATERIAL 100% silicone, ABS plastic

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warm water & soap



LÄNGE Ami 1: 3,6 cm
Ami 2: 8 cm
Ami 3: 7cm