• Sleek and durable, this glass dildo applies delightful pressure to the G-spot. Its firm curve, bulbous tip, and extra weight help you access all the right spots.

    € 26.90
  • Find your pleasure destination with an Ooh Pleasure Kit! All kits include a motor and two vibrating shapes that click onto the motor. It's like Lego, but way more fun!

    € 75.00
  • This attachment fits easily and snugly over the Europe Magic Wand, Doxy Die Cast, and most other popular wand vibrators. Its gentle curve is ideal for either vaginal or anal insertion. Plus, the dildo's flattened end is perfect for stimulating the G-spot or p-spot.

    € 49.90
  • With its smooth, slightly curved shaft and rounded head, Siren is designed for effective G-spot or p-spot stimulation. Its soft exterior is combined with a firm inner core, making it a fantastic choice for those who prefer a toy with a more realistic feel but that doesn't look like a penis. Safe for vaginal or anal play, Siren has the added bonus of...

    € 69.90
  • Filou is designed to creatively stimulate your sensitive bits with every curve. With varying diameters to explore and a rounded head that brilliantly targets the G-spot or p-spot, Filou is a great toy for the curious. Made in Dresden by silicone sex toy artist Self-Delve, Filou is a slender gem of a toy packed with possibilities! Safe to use vaginally or...

    € 49.90
  • Designed with optimal G-spot pleasure in mind. Features Nomi Tang’s signature touch slider to control its multiple speeds, and the user-friendly click button lets you easily cycle through the 5 vibration modes. Its smooth and slightly flexible shaft moves with you, and might appeal to those who want the sensation of strong pressure but don’t like...

    € 79.90
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  • Handsculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. The shaft twists slightly, and the smooth curves gently broaden out into a flattened head. Designed to give a fuller feeling with targeted G-spot stimulation. Use the D.2 from either end, and rotate it from side to side to explore all its different possibilities.

    € 94.90
  • A beautifully curved shape that's perfect for both gentle and more intense vaginal stimulation. The creatively sculpted asymmetrical contours allow you to add in a twist and the soft edges massage the vagina's most sensitive spots in new and exciting ways. With 10 preset modes of super deep and quiet rumbling vibrations, Rave is also great for external...

    € 109.90
  • In a lush, deep red, Woody looks as good as it feels. One of Vixen Creations most popular toys, Woody is a people pleaser. Not too big, not too short, not too thick, and not too small, the Woody Vibe is a great toy box staple.  Safe to use vaginally or anally. Includes a single-speed vibrator. Harness compatible and waterproof.

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  • As the name suggests, it’s the Arc’s shape that makes it special. With a dramatic curve from the flared base to the semirealistic head, this dildo has serious G-Spot and p-spot potential, and the lightly textured shaft delivers subtle sensations during penetration. Its pronounced angle means it will appear particularly perky when worn in a harness. Safe...

    € 71.28
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  • The Rebel’s shape and the thickness of the silicone create a deeper single-speed vibration with a nearly hypnotic effect, making this Toyfriend perfect for internal G-spot stimulation as well as external use. Waterproof.

    € 24.90
  • A hands-free, simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulator. Its claim to fame is that it can be comfortably and discreetly worn during penetrative sex (or while you're out on the town!). It has 10 vibration modes, independent motor control, and an easy-to-use single-button remote control. Rechargeable and splashproof.

    € 89.90
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