• The Rebel’s shape and the thickness of the silicone create a deeper single-speed vibration with a nearly hypnotic effect, making this Toyfriend perfect for internal G-spot stimulation as well as external use. Waterproof.

    € 24.27
  • … G is for gifted, generous, glorious, groovy… Game changing.  This new design by Fun Factory, has definitely got us gleaming gayly in a glittery glow. True to its name, Abby G gives great G-spot stimulation, with its curved tip and strongly ribbed structure. But Abby G has also been designed with power in mind, delivering deep, rumbling vibrations with 4...

    € 58.39
  • Introducing the newest member of Fun Factory’s famous Boss family: Mr. Boss. Although smaller in size than Boss Dildo and Big Boss, this toy shares its shape with the original Bosses, all of which have a pronounced ridge at the head for effective G-spot stimulation. But Mr. Boss brings something totally unique to the table… it’s the first ever Hybrid...

    € 58.39
  • The youngest member of the Fun Factory Stronic family, the G allows those of us who prefer a slimmer toy to enjoy the thrusting power shared by its heftier siblings. A pulsator, not a vibrator, the Stronic G provides a powerful, rhythmic back-and-forth motion that will suit fans of in-and-out sensations or those who want to experience repetitive pressure....

    € 155.87
  • If you like a pronounced ridge on your dildo, the Echo Super Soft gives you ridge after ridge of intense pleasure. Designed to give you the repeated sensation of a well-defined dildo head, the Echo has a series of ridges that gently ripple over the G-Spot or prostate as it glides in and out the body.

    € 68.14
  • This toy’s unique design lets you sit back and enjoy the Nexus Gyro hands-free! The rounded and weighted ball at the base makes it possible to use the Gyro while literally sitting. Whether you like to use it at your desk, in your bed - or wherever! - give your prostate or G-spot an enjoyable ride.

    € 51.57
  • Another pulsating superstar from Fun Factory, the Stronic Surf has earned its place in this famous family, known for their thrusting motion. The Stronic Surf’s unique shape is designed to hit all your hotspots. With ripples lining both sides of the shaft, the Surf massages the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot lives, as well as the back wall of...

    € 155.87
  • This limited edition gift box includes two of JeJoue’s most popular and versatile toys: the Mio ring and the G-spot bullet. Delivering sensations ranging from a gentle purr to a deep rumble, both the Mio and G-spot bullet are multi-purpose and have a smooth silicone surface that is oh-so-irresistable!

    € 126.63
  • Delivering simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation, the Enigma is not your average "rabbit-style" vibrator. It's perfectly balance to sit comfortably in your hand, giving you total control. And it's oh-so-very powerful. Oh yes. So much power.

    € 116.88
  • Curved in a “come-hither” shape, the Annie-O is a P- and G-spotter that aims to please!Unlike most dildos, the Annie-O is tapered at the tip, making it easier to insert than toys with a larger head.

    € 87.63
  • The Nexus “O” is a serious silicone sensation thanks to its unique three ball design and numerous possibilities for the creative sex toy enthusiast!

    € 48.64
  • Made with striking attention to detail, the Admiral features a vein-textured shaft, prominent coronal ridge and three-dimensional balls. The Admiral is harness compatible, with a curved shaft that’s generally easier to insert when harnessed. Admiral’s base also allows for an especially good grip during held-held use.

    € 77.89
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