{THE AND} Couples Edition


Description from The Skin Deep:

Are you looking for a way to unlock the secrets of your relationship and
deepen your connection with your partner or partners? Then it's time
you experience this incredible deck of 199 unique and thought-provoking
questions and prompts designed to help you discover new and exciting
aspects of your partner/s. With the Couples Edition, you can foster
deeper conversations than ever before, creating a stronger and more
meaningful connection with your loved one/s.Whether you're on a date
night, a long car ride, or a vacation together, these cards provides the
perfect platform for practicing vulnerability and sharing intimate
moments. You'll feel closer to your partner/s than ever before, as you
explore new areas of your relationship and gain insight into your
partner's thoughts and feelings.Imagine spending quality time with your
partner/s, learning new things about them, and deepening your connection
through meaningful conversation. With the Couples Edition, you can do
just that! These unique and meaningful questions and prompts are
designed specifically for couples, so you can be sure that you'll get
the most out of your experience.Invest in your relationship and unlock the secrets of your love with the Couples Edition.