Cardgame {THE AND} On Racism Edition by The Skin Deep


Are you ready to start having meaningful conversations about social justice? {THE AND} On Racism Edition is the perfect tool for those who want to delve deeper into critical issues surrounding racial equity, prejudice, and privilege. Collaboratively created by activist and author Sonya Renee Taylor of The Body is Not An Apology and leadership facilitator Didier Sylvain, this edition features 199 thought-provoking prompts that will help you initiate honest and open dialogue. Through using this powerful starting point, you can learn from yourself and the relationships around you to make a difference. Don't wait any longer to take action towards social justice and self growth- start your journey with {THE AND} On Racism Edition today.


    • 100% of the profit from the sales of the On Racism Edition will be donated equally to the following three non-profit organizations, Equal Justice Initiative, Black Youth Project 100, and The Brotherhood/Sisterhood Sol, selected by The Skin Deep team and our respected collaborators.
    • "The On Racism Edition was created as a tool to hold space for the necessary and challenging conversations that need to be had. The prompts are uniquely designed to support the uncomfortable conversations that can reap so much learning and understanding." — Topaz Adizes, founder at THE SKIN DEEP
    • "...this deck is a powerful step in changing how we think about race and relationships and thereby changing what we do about racism. It is from this point that we can begin making a new equitable world." — Sonya Renee Taylor, founder of The Body is Not An Apology
    • "Joining the Movement for Black Lives requires lovingly critiquing and healing the racism we’ve internalized. This deck is a start. If you truly want to build beloved community and cultures of belonging, take up these questions." — Didier Sylvain, leadership and personal development facilitator