Irresistible Kissable Air Wave Stimulator


The Irresistible Kissable is the ideal combination of innovative airwave technology, a streamlined look and an ergonomic design.

The mouth of the toy encircles the clitoris (or nipple, or wherever feels good!) without touching it and stimulates via soft pressure air waves and controlled pulses.

With 11 different intensity levels, ranging from super-soft to very powerful, the Kissable is likely to appeal to fans of both gentle and strong stimulation.

The Kissable’s Touchless Airwave Technology uses pressure waves that can pulsate through the body’s tissues, reaching and stimulating more of the internal clitoral nerves.

For folks who find conventional vibration irritating or desensitizing, airwave technology can provide a more subtle build-up that prevents uncomfortable overstimulation, while still encouraging blood flow and pleasurable intensity.

Shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, the Kissable curves slightly outward at the tip, and is covered in a silky silicone that feels warm to the touch.

The Kissable is easy to control, with a 3-button interface placed within easy reach.

Rechargeable and 100% waterproof.