Irresistible Desirable


Combine the magic of Touchless Air Wave Technology with vibrating G-spot stimulation in a single toy! Flexible enough to bend to accommodate different bodies, the Irresistible Desirable includes an insertable portion that curves toward the G-spot while the tip is placed over the clitoris.

Smooth, soft to the touch, and made from medical grade silicone, the Irresistible Collection from Shots Toys brings you Touchless Air Wave Technology to gently stimulate your bits with 11 different intensity levels.

This technology works by encircling the clitoris without touching it and sending pulsing airwaves, which create a unique tissue-penetrating vibration, and simulates the sensation of oral sex. This toy's waves can travel through various media including liquids and solids, allowing the pulsations to go through skin and muscle tissues and stimulate nerve endings.

With its whisper quiet motor, you can use the Irresistible Desirable anywhere. Discover this toy's combination of cutting edge technology, high quality, aesthetics and ergonomic design.

Rechargeable, waterproof and easy to clean!


MATERIAL Medizinisches Silikon, ABS

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG Warmes Wasser und Seife

FEATURES Berührungslose Luftwellen-Technologie, 10 Vibrations-Modi, 100% wasserdicht


LÄNGE 10.0 cm (einführbar)