Fun Cup - Set of 2 - by Fun Factory


Good things come in pairs - get a set of 2 Fun Cups and save some cash!

Made in Germany, this cup has an ergonomic design that’s extra comfortable to wear.

Its surface is lightly textured for easy gripping during removal.

The Fun Cup gives you up to 12 hours of period protection at a time, depending on how heavy your flow is. When you’re ready, just empty it, wash it out, put it back in, and enjoy another 6-12 hours of not thinking about your period.

If you think you’ll start your period soon, you can even use a little lube and pop it in ahead of time.

Once placed properly, the Fun Cup is totally unnoticeable.

The Fun Cup keeps you protected while you exercise: swim, run, cycle, hike… all with ease and comfort. And you’ll never have to worry about a tampon string sticking out while at the sauna or skinny dipping at the lake!

Made of 100% silicone, the Fun Cup is non-porous, easy to clean, and reusable for years.

Choosing which Fun Cup Set to use:

Remember that these are general guidelines, and there can be exceptions to all of them. You know your body better than we do. When in doubt, start with the Explore Kit.

2 x SIZE A cups – Smaller (5,3 cm; Ø 4 cm; 20 ml)

This smaller cup uses firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting it. Generally, this is a good choice for light-flow days, and is the recommended size for folks under 30 who have never given birth vaginally. Each package comes with two cups, so you can keep one at home and take one with you on the go.                  

2 x SIZE B cups – Larger (5,8 cm; Ø 4,3 cm; 30 ml)

This larger cup uses slightly softer silicone for a comfortable fit without feeling intrusive. Generally, this is a good choice for heavy-flow days, and is the recommended size either for folks over 30 or for anyone who has given birth vaginally. Each package comes with two cups, so you can keep one at home and take one with you on the go. 

The Explore Kit – comes with 1 Size A & 1 Size B Fun Cup: Great for both lighter and heavier days. This Kit is also the perfect option if you’re not sure which size is right for you.

The average tampon user will spend over 50 € per year on tampons. The Fun Cup Set is only 34,90 € for a pack of two, which lets you save from the individual price (19,90 €) and you can use them for years! You do the math.

Cups don’t dry you out like tampons do, leaving the natural lubrication of your vagina undisturbed.   Menstrual Cups also don’t create micro-tears in your vagina like tampons can, which leave you more susceptible to STIs and other infections.
Although the Fun Cup is not suitable for penetrative action, it can be comfortably worn during other types of sex play, like oral, light fingering, strapping on a harness, and more.

Using disposable menstrual products creates an average of 140 kilograms of waste over a lifetime. By contrast, the Fun Cup can be used for up to 10 years with proper care, and will never leak any noxious chemicals into the environment, even after being disposed of. For zero-waste options, check out these creative ideas with what to do with your old menstrual cup!

Note: The colour of your Fun Cup may change with sustained use. That’s perfectly normal, as blood is rich in iron and tends to stain. To help prevent this colour change, you can boil your cup in water + 1-2 Tablespoons bicarbonate soda.

Simple. Healthy. Period.

Includes a high-quality antimicrobial bag.

Size Info:

FUN CUP SIZE A: 5,3 cm - Ø 4 cm - 20 ml

FUN CUP SIZE B: 5,8 cm - Ø 4,3 cm - 30 ml