Glyde Dental Dam

By Glyde

Glyde Dental Dams are very thin, rectangular pieces of vegan, cruelty-free latex that offer protection during oral sex.

They function as barriers during cunnilingus and anal rimming. Used properly, dams minimize the risk of contracting/transmitting STIs through the exchange of bodily fluids or contact with infected areas. Used for rimming, they also safeguard against the ingestion of bacteria from the anal area.

Simply apply lube (not compatible with oils!) on one side of the dam, and place the lubed side down over the genital or anal area. Hold the dam steady with your hands so it doesn't slip off, and lick!

Glyde dams are non-lubricated, and lightly flavoured. Like condoms, dams are for single use only.

Available in vanilla, cola, strawberry, and wildberry.


MATERIAL natural latex rubber