Smartball Uno by Fun Factory


MATERIAL 100% Silikon, ABS Plastik

PFLEGE & REINIGUNG warmes Wasser und Seife



LÄNGE 4,5 cm (Ball) / 7,3 cm (Band)

Smartball Uno provides a simple and effective way to train the pelvic floor muscles while going about your normal daily business. 

It has an internal ball, which rotates as you move. 

Worn during everyday activities, such as walking or climbing stairs, the Smartball Uno gradually allows the vaginal muscles to detect movement, thereby strengthening the pelvic floor. 

For more effective toning, actively squeeze your muscles around the ball. 

Though Smartballs aren’t likely to give you an insta-orgasm, having toned vaginal muscles can lead to more sensation during penetrative sex and stronger orgasms, in addition to helping prevent urinary incontinence. 

The Smartball Uno is perfect for beginners and for those with a prolapsed or tilted uterus.

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