Sex Disasters and How to survive them

Verkäufer Other Nature

Well, she said she was eighteen. "Hey, where'd the condom go?" "Eww, how do I get these stains out of the sheets?" Some sex disasters make you laugh. Some make you cringe. Some send you running for help. And here's the place to learn about all of them... a jammed handcuff, a short-circuited vibrator, a cop at the door, a date who won't take no for an answer, a gray pubic hair, and dozens more. Physician Moser, educator Hardy, and a consulting team of attorneys, cops, EMTs, therapists and sex educators team up to create a tongue-in-cheek - but factually accurate - guide to surviving those awkward moments inside the bedroom, dungeon, back seat, bushes... "A funny, delightful bedside companion, and an absolutely incredible resource for when things - inevitably - go wrong." - Paul Joannides, author, The Guide to Getting It On