Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids: Practical Skills for Parents, Carers and Educators

Verkäufer Anisa Varastteh

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Many parents feel uncomfortable with the thought of having ‘the talk’ with their children, especially teenagers. But what many people don’t realise is how much of sexuality education has nothing to do with sex itself.

In this book, Clinical Sexologist Anisa Varasteh teaches the foundations of a comprehensive sexuality education for children and teenagers and answers the most common questions young people have about sex and sexuality. Contrary to popular belief, talking about sex and sexuality does not make young people more prone to sexual experimentation. This book provides research-based evidence for how a comprehensive sexuality education is important for children’s safety, psychological and physical wellbeing. It identifies the barriers to having open conversations with children and teenagers, and outlines methods for how to overcome them. With a focus on skills, the book addresses the building blocks of sexuality education and how to develop an environment of mutual trust, it outlines key topics for discussion and the skills that children need to develop to make healthy decisions about their sexuality.

Complete with practical support, including over 20 worksheets and a comprehensive list of tough questions from teenagers – and suggestions for how to address them – this book is an essential resource for parents, carers and educators who are responsible for the health, safety and development of children and teenagers.