Laboratories of Learning: Social Movements, Education and Knowledge-Making in the Global South


‘Outstanding ... This book is a must-read for scholars and activists interested in the impact of grassroots knowledge-making on individuals, institutions and society’ -- Rebecca Tarlau, author of Occupying Schools, Occupying Land

‘In social movements, people [learn how to] re-imagine their worlds. This powerful and inspiring book shows that movement education is not a luxury but a central part of effective struggle’ -- Laurence Cox, author of Why Social Movements Matter

Laboratories of Learning proves, through exploring inspiring social movements around the world, that the education and knowledge-making happening inside these movements is crucial for the future of social justice for all. It asks three simple but profound questions: How do movements learn and make knowledge? What kinds of knowledge do movements make? And what is its effect on individual activists, movements and even whole societies? Written in collaboration with leading activists from different movements in Turkey, Colombia, Nepal and South Africa, each case shows that these activists in the Global South can offer exciting insights into the myriad of ways that movements learn and produce knowledge as they struggle for a better world.

Designed to inspire and innovate, Laboratories of Learning is an opportunity for activists to learn new, ground-breaking ideas, born out of moments working at the intersection of theory and practice, pushing the boundaries of new thinking and the limits of the possible.

Mario Novelli is Professor in the Political Economy of Education at the University of Sussex. Birgül Kutan is a Lecturer at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex. Patrick Kane is based in Cali, Colombia and has been engaged in international solidarity work for over fifteen years. Adnan Çelik is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI), Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Tejendra Pherali is Professor of Education, Conflict and Peace at the IOE, at University College London. Saranel Benjamin is a development practitioner, and Co-Executive Director of Mama Cash.