Sex Tips for Creative Lovers

Verkäufer Jüne Plã

Do you feel like you're missing out on your sexuality? Has the time spent with your lover(s) become a bit predictable and boring? Are you tired of the same old storylines about sex -- foreplay, penetrate, ejaculate, repeat?

Help is at hand, as Jüne Plã of the Instragram account Jouissance Club (over 460k followers worldwide) has created a manual of sexual education promoting pleasure accessible to all -- woman, man, straight, gay or trans! Bliss Club is about letting go of your hangups, not taking yourself too seriously, communicating and being kind. In this manual you'll find pretty much everything there is to know about sex outside of the "penetration" box. Even if you already think of yourself as an expert, Jüne introduces you to 1001 new methods for giving pleasure to your partner, with informative maps of the multiple pleasure zones of both sexes, elegant diagrams and an inventory of moves that are able to produce orgasmic pleasure. The idea is to go at your own pace and try new techniques by yourself, with another person, or persons, regardless of the gender that defines you, your sexual orientation or skin color.

Whether you're a virgin or an experienced sex enthusiast, this book is made for EVERYBODY! Except people who don't like sex&; So free yourself from guilt and dive in to the Bliss Club.